City Council Workshop and Meeting Preview for the Week of 12/4/17


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City Council will discuss the following items at this week’s workshop and meeting:

Monday, 12/4/17 –  5:30 p.m.   City Council Workshop   City Hall Auditorium, 250 N. 5th Street

  1. Discussion Topics
    ~ Update on Circulation Plan
  1. Next Workshop Topics
    ~ December 18: Fire and Police Pension Association of Colorado Presentation   on Defined Benefit Plan
  1. Other Business

Wednesday, 12/6/17 – 6:00 p.m.    City Council Meeting   City Hall Auditorium, 250 N. 5th Street

Recognition of New Neighborhood Associations

Proclaiming December 7, 2017 as “National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day” in the City of Grand Junction

Proclaiming December 18, 2017 as “International Day of the Migrant” in the City of Grand Junction

Regular Agenda

Public Hearings
5ai. An Ordinance Zoning Properties, Located at 2404, 2412, 2424 and 2432 N. 12th Street and 1225 Wellington Avenue, R­24 (Residential 24+ Dwelling Units Per Acre)

5aii.  Ordinance Approving an Outline Development Plan (ODP) and a Rezone to Planned Development (PD) with an R­2 (Residential ­ 2 du/ac) Default Zone District for Weeminuche Subdivision Located between 26 & 26 1/2 Roads, South of H ¾ Road

5bi. An Ordinance Appropriating Certain Sums of Money to Defray All Necessary Expenses and Liabilities of the City of Grand Junction, Colorado and the Downtown Development Authority for the Year Beginning January 1, 2018 and Ending December 31, 2018 also known as the Annual Appropriation Ordinance

5bii. An Ordinance Making a Supplemental Appropriation for the Downtown Development Authority


6a. A Resolution for Allocation of Certain Property Tax and Sales Tax Revenues for the Grand Junction Downtown Development Authority and for Certification of Property Tax Distribution Percentages to the County Assessor


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Projects Affecting Traffic for the Week of 12/4/17

city of grand junction public works projects 4

City of Grand Junction Projects with Travel Restrictions                            

Leaf Removal Program

  • Please slow down in areas where crews are working
  • Anticipated completion – mid December
  • This program is weather dependent and may be delayed due to poor conditions.


Non-City of Grand Junction Projects with Travel Restrictions

26 Road between G Road and G ½ Road Utility Work – Ute Water Project

  • Alternating one-lane traffic on 26 Road with delays can be expected during daylight hours.
  • Anticipated completion – late December.

Contact:  Sam Rainguet, Communications Manager       970-244-1507 or

City GIS Maps Now Accessible Via Mobile, New Features Added, Training Session Offered December 5

GIS site
City of Grand Junction GIS Website

The City of Grand Junction Geographic Information System (GIS) maps are one of the most commonly accessed areas of the City’s website, but until now, accessing them from a mobile device was problematic. Following recent upgrades and the recent launch of the improved system, maps will now work on all web platforms and browsers including phones, tablets and desktops. Android phones, Apple phones, Windows phones, tablets, laptops and desktops are all supported.

In talking about the upgrade, Jackson Trappett, GIS Systems Network Analyst said, “The GIS map upgrade moves us from outdated Flash technology to new javascript, which supports all devices and is compatible with the latest technology. We are happy to provide maps that are now available to the growing number of people who visit our site from phones and tablets, in addition to still providing all of the robust tools and data that have been available to desktop users for many years.”

GIS staff will be offering a public training session to go over many of the changes:
Tuesday, December 5 at 9 am
City Hall Auditorium, 250 N. 5th Street

In addition to the mobile accessibility, a number of other changes have been made, including:

  • Search: The new search function will search many layers at once – just type your search phrase and click the search button – it will return results from any of the searches that have matches. You can still open the dropdown on the left to pick a specific search if you want. As with the old system, less is more with searches.
  • GPS location: If you are using the map on your phone or tablet with GPS, you can choose the ‘My Location’ button on the left side to zoom the map to your current location.
  • Tooltips: The new tooltips will drill through multiple layers if you have more than one turned on. The resulting tooltip will have arrows that allow you to cycle through all of the tooltips. This is especially useful with layers like subdivisions and planning projects where there can be more than one item in the same location – you can now get information on them all at once.

Much of the functionality that was previously in place will remain, including our responsive help line staff. If you need help with the new maps, or the old ones, or anything mapping or GIS related, please give us a call. The GIS help line number is 970-256-4070.

Contact:  Sam Rainguet, Communications Manager       970-244-1507 or 

Champion of the Arts Award Winner Announced

The Grand Junction Commission on Arts and Culture is proud to announce that KAFM Public Radio is the recipient of the 2017 Champion of the Arts Award.

KAFM is the only local community radio station in Grand Junction (one of less than 200 in the entire country) providing both eclectic music programming and special interest talk shows to listeners in the Grand Valley and beyond since 1999. Now streaming across the nation and in eight foreign countries, KAFM is powered by over 250 volunteers, including the corps of talented and vibrant programmers you hear on-the-air daily. These are your friends, neighbors, and partners, making KAFM truly “community powered” radio.

KAFM is a member-supported, volunteer-oriented community radio station dedicated to excellence and diversity in musical, cultural and public service programming. KAFM fills a vital role in the Grand Valley of Western Colorado as an accessible forum for the presentation of music, arts, culture and information by and for the local community.

KAFM’s consistent commitment to support and promote the arts is exemplified in the many projects the radio station is involved in. Beyond Radio, conceived in January of 2008, built on KAFM’s reputation of offering quality yet unusual artistic presentations otherwise unavailable. Held in the Radio Room, the community can experience live concerts, radio theatre, poetry readings, movies, lectures, and other educational presentations in a cozy 75 seat venue.

Collaborations with local theatrical groups in producing plays, musicals, and acts that are rehearsed, performed and recorded at the KAFM studios are many. KAFM provides the space, equipment, and stage at the Radio Room in their studio location for such programs as the Chautauqua Performance of Eleanor Roosevelt, Marie Curie and John Otto.

The Gallery at the Radio Room features an ongoing exhibit of local works in every medium throughout the year. Annually, KAFM hosts an auction/fundraiser of said art works with 60% going to the artists and a portion of art sales benefiting KAFM Community Radio.

More than 200 nonprofits in the Grand Valley have taken advantage of opportunity to bring their information to the community via the Community Affairs show. With a small but mighty staff of four and a volunteer staff of over 200, KAFM is committed to community, creativity and innovation, teamwork, accountability, initiative, and passion.

As the award, the Arts Commission has purchased Gilded Galaxy, by Pavia Justinian, a talented Grand Valley artist. The artwork will be presented to KAFM at the Grand Junction Centennial Band’s Holiday Extravaganza at the Avalon Theatre on Sunday, December 3. KAFM will be introduced to City Council at the regular meeting on January 17, 2018. The Arts Commission wishes to congratulate KAFM for this honor and thanks Terry Doherty for the nomination.

The Arts Commission is an eleven-member board appointed by City Council to create a climate where arts and culture can thrive and grow in the Grand Valley. Annually in October, the Arts Commission seeks nominations from the community for this special recognition.

For more information or questions, please contact:
Lorie Gregor, Recreation Coordinator

Projects Affecting Traffic for the Week of 11/27/17

Road Work

City of Grand Junction Projects with Travel Restrictions                            

Leaf Removal Program

  • Please slow down in areas where crews are working
  • This program is weather dependent and may be delayed due to poor conditions.

Non-City of Grand Junction Projects with Travel Restrictions
26 Road between G Road and G ½ Road Utility Work – Ute Water Project

  • Alternating one-lane traffic on 26 Road with delays can be expected during daylight hours.
  • Anticipated completion – December 2017.

Ridges Blvd. and Ridgeway Court Utility Work – Private Development Project

  • Expect traffic restrictions and delays
  • Access will be maintained at all times for local residents
  • Traffic control personnel will be on site to assist motorists
  • Anticipated completion – late November 2017.


Contact:  Sam Rainguet, Communications Manager       970-244-1507 or 

Paving the Way for a Growing Economy

All you had to do was drive around town this spring and summer to know that we were “Under Construction”. The City of Grand Junction’s Street Maintenance Program kicked into high gear this year, largely due to the approval of ballot measure 2B last April. The approval of this ballot question is making it possible for the City of Grand Junction to use the excess funds in the Riverside Parkway savings account to augment what was already being spent on street maintenance projects and neighborhood pavement preservation. These funds will be available for five years, so projects will continue for four more years.

The overall goal is to improve the condition of our roads and streets specifically by increasing the pavement condition index (PCI). The overall average PCI of the Grand Junction streets system, which had steadily declined over the last twelve years, was at a score of 69 prior to this spring. This is down from 78 in 2004. The desire is to reverse this trend.

Funding for this year’s projects was provided by the following sources:

$3,750,000         Funds from voter-approved ballot measure 2B
$2,700,000         Funds from the City’s existing ¾ cent capital improvement sales tax
$800,000          Funds from in-house street maintenance budget
$180,000          Funds from the City’s sewer account

$7,430,000        TOTAL, most of which was awarded to local contractors

This year, we expanded the street maintenance program to include pilot projects utilizing different materials which have had success in areas with similar climates to Grand Junction and should provide an alternative to chip sealing and overlaying streets. In total, over 151 lane miles, or nearly 15% of the City’s 1,013 lane-miles, had one or more forms of treatment in 2017, ranging from roadway repairs all the way up to total reconstruction. Some of the larger and more notable projects that were completed this year include:

  • Reconstruction of 1st Street from Ouray to North Avenue
  • Overlay of the Riverside Parkway and ramps
  • Overlay, instead of chip seal, of First Street from North Avenue to Hall Avenue
  • Overlay of Ridges Boulevard from Broadway to Shadow Lake
  • Overlay of D Road from 30 Road to 32 Road
  • Overlay of 25 Road from the I-70 business loop to Patterson
  • Reconstruct 6th Street from North Avenue to Tiger Way
  • Reconstruct the intersection of Mulberry Street and West Gunnison Avenue
  • Chip seal of Grand Avenue from 1st Street to 12th Street, Horizon Drive from 12th Street to G Road, and B ½ Road from 27 ½ Road to 29 Road.

What’s next? The largest single project planned for 2018 will be the reconstruction of 7th Street from Patterson to North Ave. Other areas are still being assessed and utility replacements being verified. At the end of 2018, staff will conduct another study that will determine the new PCI after two years of effort. This study will also provide the recommendations for the remaining three years of the increased funding from 2B. We would like to once again say thank you to the voters for approving ballot measure 2B.

To stay up to date on our street projects, visit the City’s website at and look for the link on the home page, or subscribe to our news blog at

Contact:  Sam Rainguet, Communications Manager       970-244-1507 or 

Thanksgiving Office Closures and Service Schedules

happy-thanksgivingCity of Grand Junction offices will be closed on Thursday, November 23 and Friday, November 24, in observance of Thanksgiving. There will be no trash collection on Thanksgiving Day. Trash collection will be delayed one day the remainder of the week. Thursday’s GJCRI recycling collection will take place on Wednesday, November 29 and Friday’s recycling collection will take place on Thursday, November 30. Parking in downtown metered parking spaces and in the Rood Avenue parking garage will be free of charge on November 23 and November 24.

Wishing a happy and safe Thanksgiving to you and your families from all of us at the City of Grand Junction!

Contact:  Sam Rainguet, Communications Manager       970-244-1507 or