Projects Affecting Traffic for the Week of 12/18/17


Just one roadway project this week, being conducted by Xcel Energy.

Horizon Drive Gas Line Replacement Project – Xcel Energy Project

  • Northeast bound traffic (leading to airport) will be restricted to one lane between G Road and I-70 between the hours of 8 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Saturday
  • Expect delays
  • All business access will be maintained
  • Anticipated completion – March 1, 2018.



New Utilities Director to Join City of Grand Junction

Randi Kim

Grand Junction City Manager Greg Caton has appointed Randi Kim as the City of Grand Junction’s Utilities Director. Randi will begin her new role on Tuesday, January 2. She was one of 33 individuals who applied for the position during a nationwide recruitment followed by a professional assessment process.

Randi is a registered professional engineer with over 30 years of progressively responsible experience in utilities administration and infrastructure management. She is joining us from Pinellas County, Florida where she has served as the Utilities Director with oversight of a 400-person organization providing water, wastewater, and reclaimed water service. Prior to Pinellas County, Randi served as the Director of Technical Services for Hillsborough County, Florida overseeing engineering, planning, design, capital project management, and environmental compliance. She has also held a variety of leadership and technical roles over her career in the engineering and construction industry including Business Unit Leader, Regional Manager, Global Accounts Program Manager, Client Service Manager, Environmental Specialist, and Chemical Engineer. Randi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering.

City Manager Greg Caton states, “I am looking forward to having Randi join us. She has a top-notch skillset and diverse experience that I believe will serve Grand Junction extremely well. She will be a great addition to the strong team we already have in place.”

Randi is excited to join the City of Grand Junction and looks forward to working with the City Manager, the Utilities Department and the executive team in support of the City’s long-range future growth and development. Randi and her husband enjoy the outdoors and like to spend time fishing, biking, and taking nature walks and are looking forward to taking advantage of the natural beauty of the Grand Valley and the surrounding region.

The Utilities Department, with 71 full-time employees consists of the divisions of Water, Wastewater, Laboratory, Environmental Compliance, and Utility Billing. The Utilities Director is responsible for overseeing the activities and operations of these divisions; and coordinating assigned activities with other divisions, departments and outside agencies.

Contact:  Sam Rainguet, Communications Manager       970-244-1507 or 

Projects Affecting Traffic for the Week of 12/11/17

Road Work

City of Grand Junction Projects with Travel Restrictions                         

Leaf Removal Program

  • Please slow down in areas where crews are working
  • Anticipated completion – mid December
  • This program is weather dependent and may be delayed due to poor conditions.

Non-City of Grand Junction Projects with Travel Restrictions         

Horizon Drive Gas Line Replacement Project – Xcel Energy Project

  • Northeast-bound traffic (leading to airport) will be restricted to one lane between G Road and I-70 from the hours of 9 am and 4 pm Monday through Saturday
  • Expect delays
  • All business access will be maintained
  • Anticipated completion – March 1, 2018

Contact:  Sam Rainguet, Communications Manager       970-244-1507 or 

City Council Adopts $161.6 Million Budget for 2018

City Council adopts $161.6 million 2018 budgetDuring Wednesday night’s regular City Council meeting following a second public hearing, City Council unanimously adopted the City Manager’s recommended $161.6 million City of Grand Junction budget for 2018.

City staff has been meeting regularly for eight months planning for and developing the 2018 budget with over 30 employees playing a role. The process included four public City Council workshops and two City Council meetings. The budget is built on the foundation of the strategic plan, the ten-year capital plan, and a five-year financial forecast in addition to revenue projections based on economic indicators.  Projections of annual revenues include a modest 1% projected growth in sales tax revenues. The spending budget reflects an emphasis on the strategic plan fundamentals of public safety, planning and infrastructure, diversification of the economic base, and communication, outreach and engagement built upon the foundation of partnership and intergovernmental relationships and fiscal responsibility.

Budget highlights:

  • $161.6 million total budget – increase of $21.1 million or 15% over 2017 adopted budget
  • $70.1 million General Fund budget – 2018 surplus of $577,187, and 19% increase in fund balance retained to $21.7 million
  • 628 authorized full-time positions – over 50% of all positions are in public safety
  • Adding 10 new public safety positions, 20 over two years
  • Increasing capital spending by $14.6 million
  • Increasing maintenance and reconstruction of existing street infrastructure by 70% to $6 million
  • Adding a North Area ambulance station
  • Incorporating facility improvements in to Two Rivers Convention Center
  • Increasing economic development investment by 76% to over $5.4 million, funding over 50 agencies
  • Partnering with the Downtown Development Authority and private industry in major economic development projects

Mayor Rick Taggart said, “As is always the case, a lot of pain-staking work went in to the preparation of the budget because it guides everything we do. The City Manager and his staff brought us a balanced budget that we were all able to support because it was based on so much discussion with City Council and really solid planning and research. We are fortunate that we are seeing revenues that are increasing and we remain hopeful that this trend will continue and our economy will continue to grow. This is a budget that really focuses on serving the citizens of Grand Junction.”    

To review the budget documents and the detailed PowerPoint presentation made to City Council during the final budget hearing, visit the City’s website at and look for the link under “City Spotlight”.

Contact:  Sam Rainguet, Communications Manager       970-244-1507 or 

Weeminuche Subdivision Item Removed from City Council Agenda

The Weeminuche Subdivision item which was to be heard by City Council tomorrow evening during their regular meeting has been removed from the agenda. The applicant has withdrawn the application for the Outline Development Plan (ODP). There is no additional information available at this time.

Contact:  Sam Rainguet, Communications Manager       970-244-1507 or 

Join the City Manager for a Cup of Coffee on Friday

Monument Dec 2017

Grand Junction City Manager Greg Caton is hosting a series of informal coffees to interact with community members, gather feedback on City programs and services, and to answer questions.

The next coffee is scheduled for Friday, December 8 at Monument Village Coffee, 2148 Broadway, at 8:00 a.m. 

The sessions are open to the public and are an unstructured, drop-in format.

Contact:  Sam Rainguet, Communications Manager       970-244-1507 or

City Council Workshop and Meeting Preview for the Week of 12/4/17


For more detailed information on any of these items, read the full agendas and/or staff reports here:

City Council will discuss the following items at this week’s workshop and meeting:

Monday, 12/4/17 –  5:30 p.m.   City Council Workshop   City Hall Auditorium, 250 N. 5th Street

  1. Discussion Topics
    ~ Update on Circulation Plan
  1. Next Workshop Topics
    ~ December 18: Fire and Police Pension Association of Colorado Presentation   on Defined Benefit Plan
  1. Other Business

Wednesday, 12/6/17 – 6:00 p.m.    City Council Meeting   City Hall Auditorium, 250 N. 5th Street

Recognition of New Neighborhood Associations

Proclaiming December 7, 2017 as “National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day” in the City of Grand Junction

Proclaiming December 18, 2017 as “International Day of the Migrant” in the City of Grand Junction

Regular Agenda

Public Hearings
5ai. An Ordinance Zoning Properties, Located at 2404, 2412, 2424 and 2432 N. 12th Street and 1225 Wellington Avenue, R­24 (Residential 24+ Dwelling Units Per Acre)

5aii.  Ordinance Approving an Outline Development Plan (ODP) and a Rezone to Planned Development (PD) with an R­2 (Residential ­ 2 du/ac) Default Zone District for Weeminuche Subdivision Located between 26 & 26 1/2 Roads, South of H ¾ Road

5bi. An Ordinance Appropriating Certain Sums of Money to Defray All Necessary Expenses and Liabilities of the City of Grand Junction, Colorado and the Downtown Development Authority for the Year Beginning January 1, 2018 and Ending December 31, 2018 also known as the Annual Appropriation Ordinance

5bii. An Ordinance Making a Supplemental Appropriation for the Downtown Development Authority


6a. A Resolution for Allocation of Certain Property Tax and Sales Tax Revenues for the Grand Junction Downtown Development Authority and for Certification of Property Tax Distribution Percentages to the County Assessor


Contact:  Sam Rainguet, Communications Manager       970-244-1507 or