City Response to Winter Storm Tree Damage

The winter storm on Sunday, October 25 caused major damage on the City of Grand Junction’s urban tree canopy. Immediately following the storm, the City began assessing the extent of the damage. The City is now mobilizing crews and additional resources to address the damage.

City of Grand Junction’s Response Plan – The City of Grand Junction’s urban tree canopy is comprised of 37,000 public trees that exist in rights-of-way and in parks. After the recent winter storm, the City Forester estimates that around 30-45% of these trees have some sort of damage that requires attention. Parks & Recreation crews are utilizing a real-time map of the urban tree canopy to first identify priorities. Next, Parks & Recreation crews are prioritizing areas within the City with a higher hazard potential such as high traffic areas and the downtown core. When responding to an area, crews focus on tree limbs that pose a fall danger to the public and then moving on to minimal risks such as the clean-up of fallen limbs.

The City is mobilizing additional internal resources as part of the response. Currently, 27 additional City employees are working on the response which includes employees from other divisions and departments within the City. There are four chippers being run along with two grapple trucks and two bucket trucks. Given the extent of the damage and to accelerate the response, the City is contracting with private tree services contractors. Residents may see crews from the City of Grand Junction, Alpine Tree Service, T4 Tree Service, or Monkey Business LLC responding to the tree damage.

Contact: Greg LeBlanc, Sr. Assistant to the City Manager 970-244-1557 or

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