Heavy Snow Fall Causes Extensive Urban Tree Canopy Damage

On Sunday, October 25, Grand Junction saw heavy snow fall in the late afternoon leading to exstensive damage to Grand Junction’s urban tree canopy. Damage caused to trees as a result of this early season winter storm was the result of heavy snow accumulating on leaves remaining on trees. The result was a high number of fallen tree limbs. Since Sunday night, the City of Grand Junction Forestry Division has been working hard to clean up the fallen tree limbs in street rights-of-way. For those residents with fallen tree limbs, the following explains what trees the City maintains:

  • The City of Grand Junction takes care of all trees in rights-of-way and in parks. The City is mobilizing to address the high number of fallen tree limbs. This extensive clean-up process may take several days and calls for service are priortized according to their urgency.
  • Broken and hanging branches or limbs blocking roadways are dangerous and need attention as soon as possible. Please call the City Forestry and Parks Operations at (970) 254-3861 to notify the City about these situations. For less urgent matters, please submit a work order form notifying the City Forestry Division of the need for work.
  • For tree damage on private property, please work with a licensed tree service company. A full list of professional arborists is provided here. The Forestry Board approves this list and all arborists listed possess the required expertise and carry proper insurance. Be aware of unlicensed and uninsured tree services.
  • Downed trees and limbs can be taken to the Mesa County Landfill, located at 3071 Highway 50, Grand Junction, CO 81503.  Please do not bring downed limbs to the curb or place next to trash receptacles. All limbs must fit inside trash receptacles for the City to remove them. The Mesa County Landfill includes a free composting facility, open to the public Thursday – Saturday from 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. All tree limbs must be under six feet in length and under twenty inches in diameter for composting. As of October 26, there is a temporary four-wheel drive restriction. Please reach out to Mesa County Landfill with any questions, (970) 241-6846.

We ask for residents to be patient during this time and also exercise caution when around snow loaded trees.

The City of Grand Junction appreciates the community’s patience during this time. Stay safe and warm!

Contact: Greg LeBlanc, Sr. Assistant to the City Manager 970-244-1557 or gregoryl@gjcity.org

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