Projects Affecting Traffic for the Week of 7/13/20

city of grand junction public works projects 4

City of Grand Junction Projects with Travel Restrictions

Chip/Fog Seal Program

The following streets are scheduled to be fog sealed this week (weather dependent):


  • 24 ¾ Road from Hwy 6& 50 Frontage Road to Hwy 6 & 50 (East side of Splish Splash)
  • 22 Road from Hwy 6 & 50 to H Road
  • S. Commercial Drive & S. Westgate Drive north of W. Pinyon Avenue
  • Commerce Blvd. from 25 Road to Patterson Road
  • W. Mesa Court west of 25 Road
  • Industrial Blvd. 25 Road to 24 ½ Road the mesa c


  • Interlochen Court east of Fountainhead Blvd.
  • Lake Park Court / Drive off of Fountainhead Blvd
  • Lochwood Way/Court, Merganser Drive & Wigeon Drive from Lake Park Drive to Fountain Head Blvd.
  • 24 ¾ Road from G Road to Grand Valley Canal
  • Payton Court west of 24 ¾ Road
  • Roaring Fork Drive from 24 ¾ Road to Monument View Drive
  • Monument View Drive north of Cimarron Drive
  • Cimarron Drive from 24 ¾ Road and Monument View Drive
  • N. Valley Drive from Cimarron Drive to Roaring Fork Drive


  • Expect possible short-term street closures resulting in moderate traffic delays

Waterline Replacement Project

  • Construction will take place this week along 14th Street between Ute Avenue and Pitkin Avenue
  • Delays can be expected

2020 Asphalt Overlay Program

Concrete Removal and Replacement / Manhole Adjustments

  • 22 Rd. Area

Asphalt Milling (Night Work)

  • Foresight Circle

Asphalt Paving (Night Work)

  • G Rd. – HWY 6&50 to 23 Rd.
  • 23 Rd. – G Rd. to Bridge over I-70
  • Interstate Ave Area


  • Traffic delays can be expected
  • Rolling lane closures will be utilized

Lunch Loop Trailhead Improvement Project

  • Watch for shoulder work along Monument Road
  • Be aware of reduced speed limit through work zone
  • Minimal delays expected this week

Alley Improvement Project from 10th Street to 11th Street between Ute Avenue and Pitken Avenue

  • 11th Street will be closed to thru traffic
  • No alley access
  • Anticipated completion – Late July

Dos Rios Bicycle Playground

  • The Dos Rios Bicycle Playground will be closed for reconstruction beginning Monday
  • The bicycle playground will be closed during the reconstruction, with no access from the River Front Trail
  • Access to the Dos Rios Drive parking area off Riverside Parkway, will also be closed during construction.
  • Anticipated Completion – Late July

12th Street Fiber Optic Construction – Fire Station #6

  • Watch for shoulder work this week along the west side of 12th Street between Horizon Drive and Patterson Road.
  • Please slow down through construction zone
  • Delays will be minimal


Non-City of Grand Junction Projects with Travel Restrictions

None to report this week.

Contact: Greg LeBlanc, Sr. Assistant to the City Manager 970-244-1557 or

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