Community Briefing for March 23, 2020

The City of Grand Junction is focused on and committed to the wellbeing of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. The City is committed to putting measures in place to make sure that we continue to provide the core municipal services the community expects from the City of Grand Junction.

Coordination with Mesa County Public Health – Mesa County Public Health is leading the public health response and is keeping the City informed of public health updates, best practices, and any new state public health orders that may affect the response of the City. Mesa County Public Health Executive Director Jeff Kuhr works closely with City staff to help staff understand the COVID-19 pandemic which helps the City focus its response. Mesa County Public Health also produces daily updates on the public health response.

Essential Services Remain Open  In uncertain times like these, it is normal to worry about access to essential services and items such as grocers and supermarket. While the City is already focusing its efforts to continue the essential services it provides, the City is also communicating with business partners in the community that provide essential services and items. We recognize the importance of the services these businesses provide as well as the dedication to working to meet the community’s needs during the pandemic. On behalf of grocers in the community, the City would like the community to understand the following:

  • Stores remain open, and the supply chain is steady.
  • Many stores have modified hours, placed limits on some goods, and created special shopping hours for vulnerable populations to make sure that goods are available.
  • Be a good neighbor and shop responsibly. Understand that all families deserve access to goods, and that stores will remain open.

Maintenance of Critical Infrastructure – Members of the community can help maintain critical infrastructure such as water, wastewater treatment and sanitation. The City manages a water and wastewater management system as well as offers sanitation and recycling services as an essential function. We rely on citizens to help care for our systems by remembering the three P’s that can are flushable: pee, poop, and toilet paper. Other items like “flushable” wipes create problems for our wastewater treatment systems.

The City thanks its residents for understanding any changes in service delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic response. We are committed to our residents and will continue to develop creative solutions for the delivery of our core municipal services.

As always, we will continue to update the community on any changes to services. Please visit our COVID-19 response page or our Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates.

Contact: Incident Command PIO – (970) 852-1105

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