Turf Tank Automated Paint Robot


The crew at Canyon View Park is excited to show off the newest addition to the Parks and Recreation Department, the Turf Tank Automated Paint Robot. Canyon View crews typically spend about five days pulling string lines and measuring tapes making sure that fields are properly laid out for the spring and fall sports seasons. Crews are responsible for laying out almost 50 soccer, lacrosse, football and flag football fields for each season at Canyon View Park, Bookcliff Middle School and Dixson fields.

After three days of training with a representative from Turf Tank, crews were able to build fields at Canyon View with GPS coordinates. Canyon View staff will be able to paint fields more efficiently with less paint used, less labor due to layout being done within the program as well as pinpoint accuracy on the lines and measurements of fields. Next time you are out at Canyon View Park take a look at the lines and look at the accuracy in which the lines were painted. The technology and the cost savings of the Turf Tank robot is going to be a huge asset for the community and the Parks and Recreation staff.

Contact: Marc Mancuso, Parks Supervisor,  970-254-3850 or marcm@gjcity.org

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