Grand Junction Commission on Arts and Culture Grants Awarded

The local community will enjoy many new and fun cultural events this year thanks to funding provided by the Grand Junction Commission on Arts and Culture & the City of Grand Junction. Twenty-one non-profit organizations received funding ranging from $900 – $3500. Organizations will bring cultural projects ranging from festivals, dance and theatrical performances, art camp, art exhibits and musical concerts to Grand Junction. The community will benefit from a broad diversity of projects that will reach a wide variety of interests and ages.

Many of these events are free or at a minimal cost to the public thanks to this grant. Organizations are anticipating $361,000 in revenue, paying 558 artists and projecting attendance/listening audience to be over a million people. Most of these organizations rely on volunteers to provide these projects for the community and this year it’s projected individuals will donate over 17,015 hours of volunteerism. The Grand Junction Commission on Arts and Culture congratulates the awardees and looks forward to an engaging 2020 season of arts and culture in Grand Junction.

The grant program is open to any Colorado non-profit agency for arts and cultural projects that are held in Grand Junction. The process opens in December and closes in February annually. For more information on the grant program and the following projects please visit our website at

First Presbyterian Church – Christmas Choral Concert 2020, $900
Rocky Mountain, PBS – Arts District, $2,200
Grand Valley Public Radio – KAFM Arts and Entertainment Calendar, $2,300
Rocky Mountain Collage Society – Collage and Mixed Media Expo 2020, $1,945
Western Colorado Center for the Arts – Spring Art Week, $2,600
Grand Junction Senior Theater – Annual Stage Production, $2,200
Postvention – Healing with Art, Writing, and Movement for Youth, $1,855
Mesa County Library – Culture Fest 2020, $2,200
Western Colorado Watercolor Society – Rockies West National 2021, $1,000
Grand Junction Centennial Band – Summer Concert Series, $1,300
Messiah Choral Society of Grand Junction – Handels Messiah, $1,200
Western Colorado Writers Forum – Four Writing Projects, $2,500
Charisma Chorus – Summer Day Camp, $2,000
Music Spark – Holiday Concert, $2,700
Art Song – Grand Junction Concert Series, $1,000
Jazztopia – Jazz Workshop, $2,200
Downtown Grand Junction – Downtown Art Festival, $2,400
Super Rad Art Jam – Super Rad High School Art Show, $2,900
Geek Parties of the Grand Valley – Summer Shakespeare Series, $1,100
Museums of Western Colorado – 2020 Colorado West Chautauqua, $3,500

Contact: Lorie Gregor, Recreation Coordinator,  970-254-3876 or

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