Visit Grand Junction Unveils Destination Branding Process

1a036cd739b9d196e7dfe183b3dbdd3286de86807374b19b4663988855406610Visit Grand Junction (Visit GJ), a department of the City of Grand Junction, is the community’s Destination Marketing Organization (DMO). One of the most significant projects of 2020 for Visit GJ is a destination branding process in partnership with residents of the Grand Junction area.

Visit Grand Junction has partnered with Destination Think, a globally recognized expert firm in destination branding, to develop and enhance Grand Junction’s awareness in the visitor marketplace. Initiatives are currently underway and will ramp up the week of March 2, 2020. Multiple meetings, workshops, and surveys have been arranged to allow the community to gather and share input that will significantly contribute to the success of this project.

This process will develop and enhance the City’s brand recognition, while also bringing the community’s identity into focus. The process will be driven by data insights, formulated by Visit Grand Junction and Destination Think, as well as significant community input.

Workshops and surveys have been arranged to provide opportunity for community input as follows:

  • There are two deep-dive Place DNA™ Workshops, 3 ½ hours in length, available for primarily those individuals who play a role in the hospitality industry, including retailers, restaurateurs, lodgers, activity businesses, historians, members of the arts, academia, and others who are knowledgeable of tourism, city history and development of the city.
  • Community Engagement Sessions, which are open to the public, will take place at the Grand Junction Convention Center on Friday, March 6 at: 9:00 – 10:00 A.M., 12:00 – 1:00 P.M., or 5:30 – 6:30 P.M. Also scheduled for March 6 are 20-minute drop-in sessions between 2:00 – 4:00 P.M. for those who are not available for the longer sessions.
  • A Facebook live event will be hosted on the City of Grand Junction’s Facebook page on March 3 at 6 pm. This provides the community an opportunity to ask questions and offer insight regarding what makes Grand Junction unique.
  • The community is encouraged, whether they attend a session or not, to take the Community Engagement Survey. The results of the survey will help develop conversations during the community sessions and provide valuable input as the brand is refined. A link to this survey is also available at:

The feedback received from the meetings, workshops and surveys will be integrated with a significant amount of destination marketing and management data. The data includes a variety of insights, including what non-residents think about Grand Junction represented by a net sentiment score (developed through all digital public mentions of Grand Junction). Visit GJ also received feedback from residents through the December 2019 “Tickets of Good Cheer” and holiday ornament stations at City Hall and the GJ Visitor Center. The community’s input thus far has been very positive and supportive.

About Destination Branding – A successful destination brand will embody how people feel when they think of a specific destination. If the brand is effective, once people visit, the expectation they imagined about the place is the experience they received. A destination brand is the sum of all the characteristics and experiences of a place. This process will develop Grand Junction’s brand and highlight what makes GJ unique and differentiates the destination from competitors.

Visit Grand Junction has devoted a page on its website to provide the community further information about the destination branding effort at

Visit Grand Junction’s responsibility is to drive travel and tourism visitation to the Grand Junction area through marketing deployed outside of Mesa County, thus providing for a sustainable and consistent economy, increased sales tax revenue for the city, and enhanced quality of life for residents. Visit Grand Junction works to create awareness and increase tourism by deploying inspirational content to potential visitors. Primarily, Grand Junction residents should not see Visit Grand Junction’s advertising, as it is deployed outside the area to promote Grand Junction as a must-see visitor destination. Data analysis is a significant component of ongoing Visit GJ marketing strategies.

Contact: Elizabeth Fogarty, Visit Grand Junction Director 719-200-5065 or

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