City Revises Schedule for Proposed Pedestrian Bridge

The City of Grand Junction recently proposed the concept of a 900-foot long bicycle and pedestrian bridge directly linking the Downtown area and Riverfront District. The City would like to emphasize that this project is still in its conceptual phase as we continue to work with stakeholders and the community on the final alignment of the bridge and other project details.

Last fall, the City applied for grant funds from the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Multi-modal Options Fund as well as the Transportation Alternative Program. The pedestrian bridge was not selected for funding under the Multi-Modal Options Fund. Because the bridge project is heavily reliant on grant funds, City staff proposes to postpone the project while continuing development of the plans and railroad approval through 2020 and looking for alternative funding sources.

As a part of this revitalization of its riverfront properties, the City of Grand Junction is committed to providing a multi-modal transportation system, which is critical to meeting our vision as laid out in the Comprehensive Plan and the Downtown Development Authority’s Plan of Development adopted in 2019. Union Pacific Railroad infrastructure bisects much of the Grand Valley, which creates a significant barrier from the north side to the south side. Although adjacent as the crow flies, the downtown area is currently cut off from River District and the Colorado River by the numerous railroad tracks in the Union Pacific Railroad’s West Yard.

This bridge would enhance mobility for all users, including persons with disabilities, between the downtown area and River District. The proposed bridge would also allow safe connection to the Grand Valley-wide trails network along the Colorado River and would tie into the development of the River District and 2nd Street’s conversion into a pedestrian-oriented promenade.

The City looks forward to continued discussion in the near future with the community on the topic.

Contact: Greg LeBlanc, Sr. Assistant to the City Manager 970-244-1557 or

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