Grand Junction Strategic Cultural Plan Celebration

Strategic Cultural Plan

The creative community will gather at the Lincoln Park Hospitality Suite on Thursday, February 6 from 5:30-7:00 P.M. to celebrate the accomplishments of the Grand Junction Strategic Cultural Plan. Revised in 2017, the Grand Junction Strategic Cultural Plan is driven by community members and spearheaded by the Grand Junction Commission on Arts and Culture. Each year the accomplishments of the goals and strategies of the plan are assessed as to their status of accomplishment and celebrated by the community. The public is invited to come and share in the accomplishments of the past year and contribute to the future visioning of arts and culture in their community.

Grand Junction is a regional leader that provides an exemplary quality of life, offers a diverse and vibrant business environment, functions as a regional hub for economic vitality, supports educational opportunities, has a reputation as a cultural destination, and is a magnet for new residents. The arts and cultural assets of this community are integral to success of Grand Junction as a regional leader and play a significant role in the economic health of the city and the surrounding area. Grand Junction’s rich history inextricably links art and culture with the community’s aspirations, accomplishments, resilience and its very character.

The Grand Junction Strategic Cultural Plan embraces a creative culture that respects cultural heritage while valuing and supporting the arts, artistic individuals and institutions. The plan offers greater public access and deeper engagement in arts and culture; advances arts education opportunities that inspire strong conceptual and problem-solving skills and cultivate creative leaders and collaborations. The plan also seeks a vibrant community strengthened by artists, arts entrepreneurs and activities and supports a healthy economy that arises from a diverse and creative workforce.

The content and recommendations resulting from public input and broad visioning underpin the Grand Junction Strategic Cultural Plan. It was developed and prioritized by goals within six key areas—Arts Education, Creative Districts/Creative Industry, Economic Impact, Historic Preservation/Science/History, Public Art, and Urban Design/Cultural Facilities. The plan strengthens and supports an important network of people—arts professionals, educators, policymakers, civic leaders, and families. To read the entire Grand Junction Strategic Cultural Plan go to, the plan is on the homepage.

For more information, please contact:
Primary: Lorie Gregor, Recreation Coordinator, or 970-254-3876
Secondary: Emily Krause, Recreation Supervisor, or 970-254-3875

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