Visit Grand Junction Destination Branding Initiative

Ornament StationVisit Grand Junction (Visit GJ), the City of Grand Junction’s Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), is excited to announce the launch of a new destination branding initiative using a community-driven approach.

The brand will support the Grand Junction area as a destination for travel and tourism, and it will emphasize what is truly distinct about Grand Junction, as well as what the destination should be known for. Destination Think!, a globally recognized agency in destination branding, has been hired by Visit Grand Junction to assist with this process

Visit GJ Director Elizabeth Fogarty stated, “A successful destination brand will embody how people feel when they think of a specific destination, and if the brand is effective, once they visit, the expectation they imagined is the experience they received.” A destination brand is the sum of all the characteristics and experiences of a place. “To be effective, there must be congruence between what a visitor imagines a destination will be like, and the characteristics and identity they observe once they visit,” Ms. Fogarty added.

The process will take approximately six months and will rely heavily on community involvement. The community feedback will be integrated with a significant amount of data from Visit Grand Junction. The data includes what non-residents think about Grand Junction. Outside opinions of Grand Junction are quite positive based on current public sentiment data, derived from a variety of tools managed by Visit GJ.

While the formal process will begin in early 2020, there are two projects that have been launched already:

Tickets of Good Cheer – Visit GJ, in partnership with the City of Grand Junction’s Police and General Services Departments, is issuing “Tickets of Good Cheer” over the holiday season. The City of Grand Junction is randomly selecting cars with expired parking meters to receive a Ticket of Good Cheer. Instead of paying the typical citation fee, the “fee” from the Ticket of Good Cheer is a request for residents and visitors to consider emailing Visit GJ about what makes Grand Junction unique or exceptional.

Ornament Stations – Visit GJ has decorated the City Hall foyer and the Grand Junction Visitor Center with Ornament Stations. Residents and guests can stop by to decorate a wooden ornament and hang it on the trees to share what differentiating characteristics GJ has compared to other destinations.

The feedback received from both of these initiatives will be shared with the community during the upcoming brand strategy sessions in 2020. The community’s sentiment will be a significant component in developing the brand.

Contact: Greg LeBlanc, Sr. Assistant to the City Manager 970-244-1557 or

Elizabeth Fogarty, Visit Grand Junction Director 970-244-1480 or 719-200-5065 or

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