City Cemetery Hosts Veterans Memorial Stone Cleaning Project

The City of Grand Junction Cemetery’s Veterans Section was the proud host of aMemorial Stone Cleaning Memorial Stone Cleaning Project on Saturday, October 12.

It is common for the White Marble Veterans Memorial Stones to become stained, dirty, and difficult to read over time.

“The project came to life when Mike Shults, the Colorado State Coordinator of the Missing in America Project approached the Cemetery Operations staff with the thought of cleaning the head stones in the Veterans section,” said Cemetery Supervisor, Mike Vendegna. “Shults has stated that many of the stones are for WW1 and WW11 Veterans and are in a significantly declining condition. Cleaning the stones would help revitalize the Marble and provide honor and respect to those who have served this country. It would also mean a great deal to the families and loved ones of those who have passed.”

Cleaning of the memorial stones took place in the East Veterans section of the cemetery this past weekend. The cleaning process included applying a widely used environmentally safe cleaner, developed specifically for cleaning memorial stones. Each stone was coated with cleaner using spray bottles and was then hand scrubbed, rinsed, and another coating of cleaner was applied.

The project was sponsored by the Missing in America Project organization and headed by Mike Shults, the Colorado State Coordinator. With partners from Snyder-Grand Valley Memorials, the City of Grand Junction Cemetery Staff, and over 30 community members, volunteers and staff worked diligently with cleaning efforts until the entire east section was completed. The results of their efforts was 452 total memorial stones cleaned.

For more information, please contact:
Primary: Mike Vendegna   970-254-1550
Secondary: Callie Berkson, Marketing   970-254-3867

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