Parks and Recreation Prepares for a Busy Girls Youth Basketball Season

Grand Junction Parks and Recreation is gearing up for another busy Fall Youth Youth Bball PostBasketball season, which is set to begin October 19th. This Recreation Basketball league focuses on basic fundamentals, sportsmanship, and teamwork.

Youth basketball is offered every fall for girls 2nd – 6th grade, which runs simultaneously alongside our 1st grade co-ed league. With a few weeks of registration left, the program numbers are continuing to rise, and 370 players are currently expected to take the courts November 2nd.

For over a decade, Grand Junction Parks and Recreation has partnered with Fruita Parks and Recreation offering an interleague program designed to provide recreational and participatory basketball activities that promote a healthy desire for competition without the need to travel too far outside the valley.

“Collaborating with the Fruita program increases the number of teams at each grade level, thus offering players more exposure to a variety of on the court experiences, which ultimately helps develop the player as a whole,” says Recreation Coordinator, Tina Ross.

According to a poll from the National Alliance for Youth Sports, around 70 percent of children in the United States are leaving sports by their 13th birthday. The biggest reason given: “it’s just not fun anymore.”

“We strive to create an environment that players look forward to being a part of,” said Ross. “Players join knowing that they will be with friends, they will have fun, that it will be safe to make mistakes and learn from them, and most of all, they will learn to respect themselves, others, and benefits that come from continued participation in team sports.”

There is often a cost to competition and not every child is willing to pay it. Our program is designed for players of all skill levels with each participant being given equal playing time regardless of ability. Both Grand Junction and Fruita Parks and Recreation strive to provide a program for boys and girls in the appropriate grades to learn, play, and improve their skills both on and off the courts.

For more information, please contact:

Primary: Tina Ross, Recreation Coordinator   970-254-3805
Secondary: Callie Berkson, Marketing   970-254-3867

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