Parks and Recreation Continues to See High Rates of Visitation at Canyon View Park

Amid the fall weather, Canyon View Park is seeing numerous sporting events, private DCIM100MEDIADJI_0038.JPGevents, and foot traffic, especially during the weekends.

It was estimated that roughly over 1,600 athletes and 4,200 spectators participated in events at the park this last weekend. Those events included Baseball Leagues, High School Soccer, High School Softball, High School Tennis, Youth Football and Youth Soccer, as well as activity at the playground, shelters, and the dog park.  Similar numbers are expected this weekend.

 “The constant use from sun up to sun down at the park is great to see, and highly encouraged. It can be a challenge to keep up with it all, but we have a hard-working team and a lot of community support,” said Parks Supervisor, Marc Mancuso.

Canyon View Park is a regionally known park destination and sees the largest amount of traffic of all local parks in the Grand Valley due to optimal weather this time of year and provided park amenities.

“The park is extremely well utilized throughout the entire year, but the fall presents a little higher foot traffic than other seasons,” says Mancuso. “The department is encouraged when we see a lot of people and families out in our community’s parks.”

With that said, the extremely high rate of utilization can lead to some congestion. With hundreds of thousands of visits per year, and several more weekends that will see increased foot traffic this fall, the Parks and Recreation staff are offering tips to people with plans to visit Canyon View Park:

  • Know the parking lot fills early in the day, so plan ahead and be willing to park a little farther away. Hunting for the closest spot will likely lead to frustration. Please drive 10 mph or less in the parking lot.
  • Please carpool or bike when possible.
  • In the fall, visitation is higher on the weekends than weekdays due to sporting events. Please exercise patience when arriving and leaving.
  • Use extra caution when driving around or near the playground and dog park.
  • Expect traffic delays along G Road and 24 Road. Coming in on the parks east entrance off of 24 1/2 Road is a way to reduce these delays.

With close to 40 parks and over 420 acres of park land, there is a lot of opportunity for outdoor recreation within the city limits for residents and visitors alike. Parks and Recreation staff continues to encourage the community to get out and enjoy the wonderful parks system here in the valley.

For more information, please contact:
Marc Mancuso, Parks Supervisor   970-254-3850,
Ken Sherbenou, Parks and Recreation Director   720-272-4564,

Secondary Contact: 
Callie Berkson, Marketing 

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