City’s Weed Abatement Program Up and Running

Weeds Annoucement

Every May, the City of Grand Junction Parks and Recreation Department kicks off the Weed Abatement Program. The mission of this program is to help protect property and the environment by providing education and hazard abatement for the community.

The goal is voluntary compliance, and the City of Grand Junction would like to remind property owners with parcels within city limits of the municipal code requirement to:

  • Cut and remove all weeds over six inches in height and all puncture vine regardless of height including the area from property line to the curb line or edge of road.
  • Owners whose property has an adjoining alley are required to cut weeds from the property line to the center point of the alley.
  • Undeveloped lands over one acre in size are required to keep weeds cut within 20 feet of any adjacent parcel and within 40 feet of any adjacent right(s) of way.

Properties with weeds out of code will be issued a notice of violation. The Weed Abatement program runs May 1st through October 31st. For questions relating to the municipal code or enforcement can be directed to the Weed Abatement Program by calling 970-244-1583 or emailing

The efforts of property owners to eliminate weeds from the City is greatly appreciated!

Contact: Traci Wieland, Deputy Director     970-254-3846 or

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