Grand Junction City Council Meeting Preview for the Week of 12/17/18


For more detailed information on any of these items, read the full agendas and/or staff reports here:  City Council meeting videos can also be found at the same link.

City Council will discuss the following items at this week’s workshop and meeting:

Monday, 12/17/18 – 5:30 p.m.    City Council Workshop     City Hall Auditorium, 250 N. 5th Street

1. Discussion Topics – Items Related to the April 2, 2019 Regular Municipal Election

a. Proposed Projects Including Community Center, Portion of Orchard Mesa Middle School, and Partial Development of Matchett Park

b. First Responder Needs

c. Consideration of the Sale of Burkey Park

d. Possible Charter Amendments

2. Next Workshop Topics

3. Other Business

Wednesday, 12/19/18 – 6:00 p.m.    City Council Meeting   City Hall Auditorium, 250 N. 5th Street

Regular Agenda

6a. A Resolution Authorizing a Mail Ballot Election in the City of Grand Junction Regular Municipal Election on April 2, 2019, Authorizing the City Clerk to Sign the Intergovernmental Agreement with Mesa County Clerk and Recorder to Conduct Said Election

6b. An Ordinance Placing a Charter Amendment Concerning Cable Television Franchises and the Authorized Length of Leases on the Election Ballot for the Regular Municipal Election and Set a Public Hearing for January 16, 2019

Contact:  Sam Rainguet, Communications Manager       970-244-1507 or 

2 thoughts on “Grand Junction City Council Meeting Preview for the Week of 12/17/18

    1. Gwyn, the City works on a number of these aspects through the City Manager’s Office and the Community Development Department, but the direct provision of these services is subcontracted out to organizations who specialize in this type of work. The Business Incubator Center, the Grand Junction Economic Partnership, and the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce all are contracted to play a role in direct economic development in our community.


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