City Offering Training and Development Opportunities for CMU and WCCC Students Through Internships and Part-Time Employment


In an effort to invest in and assist in developing the local labor market, the City of Grand Junction has launched a part-time employment/internship program with Colorado Mesa University (CMU). A number of talented students have already interviewed for and been selected to fill a variety of different roles across many departments.

Interns have already begun work in the following areas:
Administration – A CMU Graphic Design major is assisting with creation of City publications, advertisements, presentations, and website content focusing on a variety of new concepts and graphics.

Utilities Department – A Water Quality Management student from Western Colorado Community College is gaining experience in the day-to-day operations of the City’s wastewater plant and learning the various aspects involved in mechanical, chemical, and biological treatment processes.

Community Development – A Civil Engineering student from CMU is gaining hands-on experience in the areas of traffic, environmental compliance, utilities, and general civil engineering. The student is also assisting with updating and maintaining water, sewer, storm drain, streets improvement standard details, specifications, and operating manuals.

Traffic Division – A Mechanical Engineering student is assisting with a variety of tasks including collecting, organizing, and tabulating field and technical data, assisting with survey or construction inspections, and preparing illustrations, graphics, sketches, plans and maps for engineering studies.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division – A CMU student minoring in GIS is assisting with a variety of projects that require knowledge and experience with asset management, ESRI ArcGIS software, and SQL database management and programming.

City Manager Greg Caton states, “We are extremely proud to be able to provide these learning opportunities to the students of CMU and WCCC. We know there is a wealth of knowledge and talent in both student bodies and we are excited to benefit from that while at the same time helping to potentially further the careers of these young people. This really is a win-win not only for us and the schools, but also for the local labor market.”

CMU President Tim Foster said, “The partnership between CMU and the City of Grand Junction is exciting for students and transformational for the university and community. City Council’s investment in the future workforce through CMU students demonstrates leadership and foresight and we look forward to helping students find opportunities through this program.”

The City will be offering additional opportunities in early 2019 which will include positions within the following departments or divisions: Human Resources, General Services – Fleet Division, Fire – Community Education and Outreach, and Finance – Budget and Accounting.

If you are a student with CMU or Western Colorado Community College and are interested in information on these additional opportunities, please contact Shelley Caskey at 970-244-1492.

Contact: Sam Rainguet, Communications Manager 970-244-1507 or

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