City Staffs ‘Projects Team’ to Address Variety of Projects; North Avenue Medians First on the List

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With the tightening of the labor market it has become more difficult to hire the seasonal workers the City of Grand Junction relies on to complete a variety of projects needed to maintain our high level of service to the community. Because of this, the City is implementing a creative approach to address a backlog of various small to medium infrastructure and maintenance projects by augmenting available staff as needed with a ‘Projects Team’.

The Team is expected to be available to complete a wide range of projects on an as-needed basis. The intent is to have a multi-purpose crew available at all times to assist regular crews when their work is at a peak, such as during the annual chip seal road maintenance effort, Spring Clean-Up and Leaf Pick-Up, or to assist with projects that are harder to complete due to limited availability of regular crews. The philosophy is to have one group of full-time staff available year round as opposed to increasing and decreasing seasonal crews throughout the year. The Team will be funded through a combination of approaches including allocation of additional funding, leaving some full-time positions in specific divisions unfilled, and reducing the number of seasonal employees in specific divisions.

The Team, which was recently staffed with six personnel and will have six additional personnel added in 2019. The group is comprised of personnel with a wide variety of skill sets and will be supervised by former City Project Engineer, Jerod Timothy. The Crew Leader was selected earlier this year from several other internal applicants.

City Manager Greg Caton is excited about the implementation of this team and is looking forward to its potential. He states, “This is a creative and innovative approach to efficiently bring some much-needed assistance to our ongoing responsibilities while at the same time making it possible to complete projects we might not otherwise be able to do. This will also reduce some of the difficulty we have been facing in hiring seasonal employees.”

The first project for the new team is the upgrade of the medians along North Avenue between 15th Street and 29 Road. Work began on November 26 and will include raising the medians back up to grade and addition of hardscape, drip irrigation and landscaping.

Following completion of this project, it is expected the Team will move on to assist with the Safe Routes to Schools pedestrian improvements near Nisley Elementary.

Contact:  Sam Rainguet, Communications Manager       970-244-1507 or 

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