City Employees to Participate in ‘Education Days’ as Part of Plan to Foster a Culture of Accountability and Workplace Support

clasroomThroughout the month of October, City of Grand Junction employees have been asked to take part in an education series designed to impart knowledge on important, high-liability topics. The intent is to provide education on topics that affect the workplace and encourage accountability and awareness.

The program is being offered through the Human Resources Department and supported by the City’s property, casualty and workers’ compensation insurer, CIRSA. The approach is designed to educate as many employees as possible in a condensed format that makes it possible for all employees to attend. The topics being covered include ethics, harassment, safety and respect in the workplace.

Training of this nature for organizations is recommended by the Employers Council. These types of trainings can create a culture of well-being, and encourage employees to be accountable for their actions.

The training uses videos and quizzes which will methodically cover the material necessary to learn in a short amount of time. The format allows participants to complete all trainings in a two-hour period and is being offered at a number of different times.

Education Days is intended to become an annual program for the City with the content of the training being evaluated each year.

Contact:  Sam Rainguet, Communications Manager   970-244-1507 or

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