Canyon View Park to Undergo Playground Repairs

CVP PSA 2018

The playground at Canyon View Park will be closed for protective surfacing repairs starting on Monday, July 16, 2018 and will reopen Thursday, July 19, 2018 when all repairs are completed.

The repairs being made to the Canyon View Playground will require sections of the playground to be shut down while crews remove damaged sections and the installation of new surfacing. The new protective surfacing will require no activity on the repaired sections for 72 hours once installed. Please help protect the new surfacing by staying off until all temporary fencing has been removed from the playground.

We encourage families to utilize other playgrounds throughout the Parks Department during the closure to allow proper curing time for the repaired sections of the playground. You can find other parks and playgrounds throughout the City listed at

For more information regarding the project, contact Marc Mancuso.
Marc Mancuso
Parks Supervisor
(970) 254-3850

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