New, More Durable Product Used on Residential Streets for 2018 Neighborhood Pavement Preservation Program


If you live in or visited any of the neighborhoods that were selected for this year’s pavement preservation program you may have noticed that the process looked a little different, and you would be correct. This year, a product called High Density Mineral Bond, or HA5, was applied to residential streets as opposed to the more traditional chip seal. The product significantly extends pavement life and does not result in loose aggregate after application, as chip seal does. It is quickly becoming a popular approach to preserving pavement in residential areas due to its cost effectiveness and durability.

The City contracted with Andale Construction, Inc. of Wichita, KS for this project. Due to the proprietary product and specialized equipment required for application, only one bid was received and there are not yet any contractors in Colorado who are offering it.

High density mineral bond encapsulates the street in a thick layer of flexible asphalt material that provides a tight surface to help keep moisture out and helps extend the life of the asphalt. It is a relatively new product that is most effective for residential streets with curves and cul de sac areas. The product requires a longer setup time, which involved extra planning and outreach with residents about where they were able to park during the application process. No residents were required to park further than 350 feet from their homes during the 24-hour setup time.

The product was applied in areas that have been previously chip sealed as well as those with an original asphalt surface in relatively good condition.

Public Works Director Trent Prall noted, “Water is the enemy of any paved surface. This product provides a pliable, self-healing surface that aesthetically looks good for a long time while protecting the underlying asphalt surface from ultraviolet damage. Anadale Construction did a great job at community outreach and applied the proprietary product to 11 subdivisions over an eight-day period. It appears to be a solid preservation option for our residential streets.”

17.2 lane miles of residential streets at the following locations were treated this year: Copper Creek, Heritage Heights, Spanish Trails, Hall Estates Phase II, Milena Way Area, New Orchard Court Area, Swan Meadows Drive Area, River Run, Riverview Estates, Hawksnest and Unaweep Heights.

The project is complete for 2018 and it is anticipated that the product will again be used on more residential streets in the 2019 season.

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Contact:  Sam Rainguet, Communications Manager   970-244-1507 or

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