Downtown Ambassador Program Kicks Off

DT Ambassadors Final

The 2nd year of the Downtown Ambassador program began this past Tuesday on Main Street. Run by the Parks and Recreation department, volunteer ambassadors are present to provide information and a friendly face in the downtown corridor.

Ambassadors are on the street Tuesday – Saturday at 5th and Main by the big bike. “This year we decided to try a more central location to see if it was easier to provide assistance to folks, rather than walking up and down the street,” stated Lorie Gregor, the program’s director.

The Downtown Ambassador program runs through Labor Day. Helping to make downtown a better place, ambassadors act as the eyes and ears for the City to assist the Police Department, Visit Grand Junction, the Downtown Development Authority and the Parks and Recreation Department.

Last year 13 volunteers gave 661.5 hours to the program and had 5560 interactions with folks on the street. There were visitors from China, England, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and all over the US.

If you are interested in getting involved or would like more information regarding the Downtown Ambassador program, please contact:

Lorie Gregor

One thought on “Downtown Ambassador Program Kicks Off

  1. Great Program. Send your information to Page AZ Mayor to see if it could be started here. Lots of tourist from all over the world visit Lake Powell.


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