City Honors Work of Board and Commission Members


Last night, the City of Grand Junction honored and thanked its 125 board and commission members with a dinner celebration at Two Rivers Convention Center.

The City is represented by 19 boards and commissions whose members donate immeasurable amounts of time, effort and leadership toward the City’s mission.

Special recognition was provided by City Council for eight board and commission members whose terms ended in 2017 after having reached term limitation. Those individuals include:

Frank Watt, Riverfront Commission
Ebe Eslami, Planning Commission
Brad Taylor, Riverfront Commission
Shirley Nilsen, Forestry Board
Clifton Sprinkle, Riverfront Commission
Jon Schler, Historic Preservation Board
Lancer Livermont, Commission on Arts & Culture
Scott McBrayer, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

Each of these individuals served for between five and nine years.

A photo album of the evening can be viewed at this link.

For more information on City boards and commissions, visit

Contact:  Sam Rainguet, Communications Manager       970-244-1507 or 

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