City Wastewater Collection System Crew Recognized for Innovative Invention That Improves Customer Service

City Manager Greg Caton, Utilities Director Randi Kim and Wastewater Collection Staff pose with the innovative “Sewer Squeegee”.

City of Grand Junction Wastewater Collection System Crew members were recognized Wednesday by City Manager Greg Caton, Utilities Director Randi Kim, and Wastewater Services Manager Dan Tonello for an innovative invention that is making a rather unpleasant job a little more pleasant for all involved. The device, affectionately referred to as a “Sewer Squeegee”, makes removing greasy buildup in sewer lines generated by downtown restaurants an easier and less disruptive process.

The problem that previously existed stems from a very confined utility corridor on Main Street. The narrow corridor has created a situation under which several restaurants have not been able to install grease interceptors. As a result, excess grease builds up in the sewer collection system, resulting in maintenance crews being required to perform enhanced cleaning in order to keep the system operating smoothly. During the process of cleaning the system prior to the invention of the “Sewer Squeegee” several businesses on Main Street had experienced issues of their toilets bubbling up, and in some cases overflowing, as a result of the high pressure cleaning equipment required to complete the task.

In an attempt to alleviate this problem for customers, Collection System staff worked together to design and fabricate an apparatus that is pulled through the sewer main line. This device scrapes the grease buildup from the inside of the pipe rather than having to use high pressure to remove it.

Use of the device is proving successful in removing the grease and will result in the completion of a very necessary task having much less of an impact on downtown businesses and their patrons.

Contact:  Sam Rainguet, Communications Manager       970-244-1507 or 


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