Under New Management, Two Rivers Convention Center and the Avalon Theatre Had One of the Best Years Ever Resulting in a $195,000 Decrease in City Subsidy

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In January of 2017, the City of Grand Junction entered into a contract with Pinnacle Venue Services (PVS) to manage Two Rivers Convention Center (TRCC) and the Avalon Theatre, and they delivered impressive results within the first year. Since that time PVS has been providing full management and operational services of the multipurpose convention center in addition to the historic Avalon Theatre. Last spring, PVS also signed an addendum to the contract with the City to include the management of large, ticketed events at the new Amphitheater at Las Colonias Park.

PVS announced their 2017 year-end results this week, and they are impressive. In the first year under their management, the venues delivered increased profitability, decreased expenses, recognized better cost management and improved the guest experience. Additional, the team implemented several venue improvements, streamlined operations and introduced new and successful events to Grand Junction.

“It’s been a busy and transforming year for our team and venues,” said Pinnacle Venue Services’, Maria Rainsdon, General Manager of the Two Rivers Convention Center and Avalon Theatre. “We had an aggressive action plan when we took over and are pleased with our results thus far. With that being said, we have a long way to go to achieve our ultimate vision for the venues. One area we will continue to focus on is offering a diverse line-up. Last year’s event listing had something for everyone, and our focus will continue to bring a diverse event line-up to the area.”

City Manager Greg Caton added, “This is nothing but good news for the community and for the users of these facilities. Pinnacle has been doing an outstanding job implementing improvements and sharpening the operation. We are extremely pleased with what we have seen. This solidifies our belief that this partnership was the right decision.”

A number of notable achievements were made during the past year under PVS management including:

  • The operating subsidy was decreased by over $195,000 by focusing on revenue growth and expense Budgetary guidelines were implemented for both revenue projections and expense controls resulting in accurate monthly reporting.
  • Technology upgrades were carried out at both venues including building-wide WiFi and Fast-Trak High-Speed Internet access. The upgrades were a much-needed feature to attract meeting planners and have delivered a better guest experience by decreasing wait times
  • Guest experience improvements for meeting planners, attendees, and concert-goers were advanced through the implementation of a customer service program, launching a new user and mobile-friendly website, creating new events, and revamping the food and beverage offerings at the venues.
  • Focus on using local business partners took priority for the management team. They worked with ProVelcoity on the technology upgrades, contracted Webcreate to redesign and host their new website, aligned with local breweries and food providers to sell their product, and partnered with Monumental Events to provide ticketing services to the venues.
  • Venue operations were overhauled by implementing Standard Operating Procedures for all departments. Food and Beverage operations were improved with new inventory processes that improved the freshness of This change aided in improved profitability by the reduction of waste. The menu and food offerings were revamped and now focus on sourcing local and fresh products over using premade, frozen, or canned items.
  • Employee relations were improved by creating and implementing training programs for all event-based employees as well as introducing PEAK, their employee recognition program.

Pinnacle Venue Services has recently merged with the Oak View Group to form Oak View Group Facilities. Oak View Group, founded in 2015 by Irving Azoff, Tim Leiweke, with Madison Square Garden Entertainment, is a full-service venue management company. They operate and book arenas, theaters, convention centers, and amphitheaters throughout the U.S. delivering customized management plans for each of their venues. OVG Facilities specializes in event programming, booking services and creating unique experiences that focus on delivering premium content to enhance the guest’s experience.

Contact:  Sam Rainguet, Communications Manager       970-244-1507 or samr@gjcity.org 

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