Water Treatment Plant Completes Filter Upgrade Project

Construction underway

In spring 2016, the City of Grand Junction began planning for and designing the very important project of upgrading the four filters in the City’s water treatment plant. The existing filters, which were still functioning properly, had outlasted their industry life expectancy after having been in service for forty-eight years. The work was just recently completed and was formally accepted by City Council last night. The project came in under budget by more than $245,000.

The replacement filters were funded by a loan from the Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority, State Revolving Fund. Total project costs came in at $867,220. The project was awarded to low bidder Moltz Construction, Inc., and construction began in November 2016.

Construction of the new filter system generated a number of tangible benefits including:

  • The reduction of media loss (the media used in this particular process is a combination of sand and coal) due to the installation of new underdrains
  • The implementation of modern backwashing technology
  • Reduction by 30% of backwash water consumption
  • Reduction by 30% of the time a filter is required to be offline for washing
  • Installation of safety railing around each individual filter
  • Process modifications that can be made easily on a computer touchscreen by the water plant operator

Reduction in operating costs of the Water Treatment Plant of $20,000 annually are anticipated as a result of the construction of the new filters.

Water filters2
Filter area following completion

Utilities Director Randi Kim adds, “This modernization project represents a cost-effective investment in the Water Treatment Plant infrastructure that will enable us to continue the City’s long tradition of delivering high-quality drinking water to our customers well into the future.”

The City of Grand Junction Water Plant has earned the AWWA’s Partnership for Safe Water Director’s Award, which is awarded to plants that maintain plant performance (filtered water turbidity) at three times under the limit mandated by the Safe Drinking Water Act. These new filters have demonstrated the ability to maintain this same excellent performance while operating at higher flow rates.

Contact:  Sam Rainguet, Communications Manager       970-244-1507 or samr@gjcity.org

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