Paving the Way for a Growing Economy

All you had to do was drive around town this spring and summer to know that we were “Under Construction”. The City of Grand Junction’s Street Maintenance Program kicked into high gear this year, largely due to the approval of ballot measure 2B last April. The approval of this ballot question is making it possible for the City of Grand Junction to use the excess funds in the Riverside Parkway savings account to augment what was already being spent on street maintenance projects and neighborhood pavement preservation. These funds will be available for five years, so projects will continue for four more years.

The overall goal is to improve the condition of our roads and streets specifically by increasing the pavement condition index (PCI). The overall average PCI of the Grand Junction streets system, which had steadily declined over the last twelve years, was at a score of 69 prior to this spring. This is down from 78 in 2004. The desire is to reverse this trend.

Funding for this year’s projects was provided by the following sources:

$3,750,000         Funds from voter-approved ballot measure 2B
$2,700,000         Funds from the City’s existing ¾ cent capital improvement sales tax
$800,000          Funds from in-house street maintenance budget
$180,000          Funds from the City’s sewer account

$7,430,000        TOTAL, most of which was awarded to local contractors

This year, we expanded the street maintenance program to include pilot projects utilizing different materials which have had success in areas with similar climates to Grand Junction and should provide an alternative to chip sealing and overlaying streets. In total, over 151 lane miles, or nearly 15% of the City’s 1,013 lane-miles, had one or more forms of treatment in 2017, ranging from roadway repairs all the way up to total reconstruction. Some of the larger and more notable projects that were completed this year include:

  • Reconstruction of 1st Street from Ouray to North Avenue
  • Overlay of the Riverside Parkway and ramps
  • Overlay, instead of chip seal, of First Street from North Avenue to Hall Avenue
  • Overlay of Ridges Boulevard from Broadway to Shadow Lake
  • Overlay of D Road from 30 Road to 32 Road
  • Overlay of 25 Road from the I-70 business loop to Patterson
  • Reconstruct 6th Street from North Avenue to Tiger Way
  • Reconstruct the intersection of Mulberry Street and West Gunnison Avenue
  • Chip seal of Grand Avenue from 1st Street to 12th Street, Horizon Drive from 12th Street to G Road, and B ½ Road from 27 ½ Road to 29 Road.

What’s next? The largest single project planned for 2018 will be the reconstruction of 7th Street from Patterson to North Ave. Other areas are still being assessed and utility replacements being verified. At the end of 2018, staff will conduct another study that will determine the new PCI after two years of effort. This study will also provide the recommendations for the remaining three years of the increased funding from 2B. We would like to once again say thank you to the voters for approving ballot measure 2B.

To stay up to date on our street projects, visit the City’s website at and look for the link on the home page, or subscribe to our news blog at

Contact:  Sam Rainguet, Communications Manager       970-244-1507 or 

One thought on “Paving the Way for a Growing Economy

  1. I am all for better roads, but I hope that from the money raised currently to be utilized in the next 4 to 5 years, someone gets the clue that our roads need to be cleaned! I ride my bike on Riverside Parkwy. from 7th Eastward to 29 Rd, then South to C 1/2 Rd and back to the park (west) it is no wonder more bicyclist are not hit for dodging the trash in the bike lane just to get hit by a car. What a joke the condition of the bikeways are. Please spend some of that money for cleaner roads, PLEASE!!!


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