aRT Program Set to Expand in 2017

In October of 2016, The aRT coalition launched aRT (art on the Riverfront Trail). aRT is designed to transform bleak underpasses along the Riverfront Trail into vibrant, colorful artistic expressions that enhance the trail users experience. aRT is a fluid process with murals changing annually, bringing new and fresh designs to the Riverfront Trail.

The success with aRT has been three-fold. We have expanded our rich artistic community and provided spaces to nurture budding artists. We have cultivated a culture which respects artwork and appreciates its contribution to a vibrant environment, and we have substantially increased community use of the Riverfront Trail for art appreciation and recreation.

Grand Junction Police Chief John Camper states, “The murals seem to have been very effective in not only beautifying a difficult area, but in some cases, they seem to have even reduced the number of homeless camps and their associated trash and hazardous waste. We’ve seen no graffiti or tagging over any of the approved artwork. As an example of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), this project has been highly successful.”

With the proven success of the first year of aRT, we are expanding to two more locations in 2017. Car Part aRT will be on the south side of the downtown parking garage. Murals will be painted in conjunction with the aRT murals on October 7 as part of the Downtown Art Festival.  Another program, aRT – Fruita, will be on the spur trails leading to the Colorado River State Park and the future western expansion of the Riverfront Trail. Murals will be painted as part of the Fruita Fall Festival on September 23.

More information on deadlines for this program and applications can be found at

For more information regarding aRT, please contact:
Lorie Gregor, Recreation Coordinator

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