Stocker Stadium Undergoes Field Turf Renovation

Stocker Stadium at Lincoln Park is set to undergo a major field renovation which is anticipated to run from June 13th – August 1st.

With the existing turf reaching its life expectancy, it became apparent that the field needed to be replaced in order to maintain the safety of facility users. The City of Grand Junction has contracted with FieldTurf to complete the project, which entails installing a 2-layer synthetic turf system, including new goalposts. Crews will work from the North end of the Stadium to the South, and will begin with removing existing turf, the airfield drain system, and goalposts. After removal has been completed, the area will require regrading and will then be prepped for the new turf and goalpost installation.

The project was funded by a $200,000 Mesa County Federal Mineral Lease Grant, $200,000 from the Parks Improvement Advisory Board, as well as partner funding from Colorado Mesa University, School District 51, and the City of Grand Junction. “Without these partnerships from the community, this project would not be possible,” said Marc Mancuso. “We are lucky to have such support here in the Grand Valley.”

During construction, the Stocker Stadium track will be closed to the public to control safety and efficiency of the project. Alternate facilities available for use during this time include the Grand Junction High School Track, or the trail system in Lincoln Park.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but appreciate your cooperation. Facilities will open back up to the public on August 2nd.

For more information regarding this project, please contact:
Parks Supervisor, Marc Mancuso

Field Turf Project 2017

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