Spring is Here and Parks and Recreation Staff are Hard at Work Behind the Scenes

At this time of year, we all expect to see beautiful, green playing fields and golf courses. In fact, with the great weather we typically enjoy, it’s easy to take the green for granted. In reality, the maintenance and upkeep of those facilities takes a lot of work and the City’s Parks and Recreation staff put in long hours to make sure the best is put forward for our local athletes as well as those coming to play from out of town.

CanyonViewWhether it’s the diamond and outfield at Suplizio Field that will host the upcoming JUCO tournament, the Canyon View fields that were home to last weekend’s regional soccer tournament, or the fairways at Lincoln Park or Tiara Rado Golf Courses, the upkeep of the City’s ten different sport surfaces across the community takes a significant amount of planning, preparation and oversight.

Parks and Recreation Director Rob Schoeber notes, “We have highly trained and certified staff at all of our sports facilities. They take great pride in the overall maintenance of the fields and ensure that safety and aesthetics are always at the highest possible level. Our goal is to put forth sports venues that offer a great experience but also make the community proud.”

The Parks and Recreation Department is staffed by over 20 full and part-time employees whose main responsibility it is to keep our sport surfaces and public gathering areas looking great throughout the year. They are well versed in everything from turf maintenance to proper watering techniques to facility maintenance, and they work together as one big team to get the job done.

Green fields and smooth surfaces aren’t just about fun – sporting events that come to the Grand Valley mean big money for our community. Grand Junction has become a regional draw for many sporting activities and plenty of people travel a great distance to come here. When they do, they often stay at local hotels, eat at local restaurants and shop at local stores. They also report back to their friends and family at home if their experience here was favorable, which can result in even more visitors and more revenue for local business.

Contact:  Sam Rainguet, Communications Manager       970-244-1507 or samr@gjcity.org 

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