City Expands Role for Pinnacle Venue Services to Include Las Colonias Amphitheater

The City of Grand Junction has agreed to engage Pinnacle Venue Services, venue managers of the Avalon Theatre and Two Rivers Convention Center, to book live, ticketed entertainment for the Las Colonias Amphitheater, scheduled to open in July.

The City contracted with Pinnacle Venue Services in January to take over management of the City’s two existing entertainment/conference assets in an effort to increase operational efficiencies and streamline costs. Pinnacle is providing full management and operational services of Two Rivers Convention Center and the historic Avalon Theatre.

las-colonias-front-perspective-renderingThe component of booking live, ticketed events at the Las Colonias Amphitheater has been added to the current three-year management agreement with Pinnacle Venue Services. The responsibility of filling the event calendar will be shared with the Grand Junction Parks and Recreation Department as they will focus on local community-based events.

“It’s an honor the City of Grand Junction has extended our partnership to include the Las Colonias Amphitheater,” said Pinnacle Venue Services, Maria Rainsdon, General Manager of Two Rivers Convention Center and the Avalon Theatre. “Being able to present three diverse venue possibilities to tours and promoters will open the door to many more entertainment options.”

Grand Junction City Manager Greg Caton adds, “We have such an opportunity before us here to benefit from the deep experience and industry connection that Pinnacle brings to this relationship. They are doing an outstanding job managing Two Rivers and the Avalon, so it was a natural decision for us to extend the agreement to the Amphitheater as well. We look forward to seeing even more great things happen down at Las Colonias.”

The partnership extension brings a wider scope of potential events to the community. It allows Pinnacle to focus their efforts on national touring events and the Parks and Recreation Department to focus on first-rate community entertainment.

Pinnacle Venue Services is a full-service venue management company that specializes in event programming, venue assessments, and security and emergency preparedness.  The PVS team has decades of industry experience addressing and solving every challenge a venue might face.  Formed in 2014 with the belief that there was a need in the industry for a company that truly puts clients first, Pinnacle Venue Services has one simple goal—to provide venue owners and operators customized services that produce results and address their clients’ needs.

Contact:  Sam Rainguet, City Communications Manager    970-244-1507 or 

Contact:   Maria Rainsdon, Pinnacle Venue Services       970-263-5710  or



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