Downtown Historic Marker Project Celebrates First Installation

Sample marker (final version will differ slightly)

The Grand Junction Historic Marker Committee is proud to announce the beginning of a program to install markers on historical buildings and sites in the community.  This is a project that has been desired by many within the community for some time.  Historic markers will recognize the historic significance (and stories) of Grand Junction, enhance cultural tourism appeal of our community and increase individual property values.  This first phase of the program, funded by grants from the Legends of the Grand Valley and the Downtown Development Authority, focuses on 33 locations in downtown Grand Junction.  Each marker will include a date of construction, a brief history of the property and an interesting anecdote about the building, site or person connected with the site.

In celebration of this ongoing project, the committee invites you to attend the installation of the first sign to be placed on the Schiesswohl Building.

Location:  560 Colorado Avenue
Date:  Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Time:  11:00 am

For additional information contact the Museum of Western Colorado at 970-242-0971 and ask for Peter Booth or David Bailey.


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