City Launches New Website

The City of Grand Junction’s website just took a big step forward with a fresh new look and a cleaner, more efficient user experience.

The website address will remain the same at, but users will find the look to be entirely different and the navigation to be more streamlined.  Just a few of the new website features include:

  • Much-improved search functionality
  • Improved layout based on industry best practices
  • Responsive design that adapts to the user’s device (phone, tablet or desktop)
  • Ready access to the most frequently requested information
  • Multiple methods for customers to access information
  • Notification of City news through an email-based subscription format

City IT Division Manager Jim Finlayson states, “Our website had not been redesigned since 2011 and many web trends and industry standards have changed in that time. We are glad to be able to offer an improved website experience to the end user.” The project was many months in the making. Website research, redesign and layout were completed in-house by the City’s IT Division.

The City of Grand Junction website receives over 2,000,000 hits a year and is a major communication and efficiency tool both for customers needing information or service from the City as well as for the employees who serve them.

Contact:  Sam Rainguet, Communications Manager  970-244-1507 

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